Association of Orthodox Business Leaders is a union of people, for whom fair business and fair relations with business partners is a spiritual need.

The start to the Association of Orthodox Business Leaders was given on November 9, 1995 in course of His Holyness Patriarch Alexy’s meeting with Moscow businessmen engaged in charities he supported the idea of the Club and blest this good undertaking.

Initiation of the idea to creat Association testified to the growth of the Russian businessmen’s internal consciousness and to understanding of the social responsibility on their shoulders.

The principle goal of the orthodox businessmen Association is to contribute to mouldation of real patriotism and readiness to help proxies. One of the primary goals of the Association is to combine efforts of the Russian society, of the Russian Orthodox Church and Government, first of all, in sphere of spiritual revival of our country. Belonging to the Association is a business card of a modern Orthodox businessman.

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(Moscow, September 25, 2008) Association of Orthodox Business Leaders members of the Board elected Mr. Alexander I. Ageev as a new president at their annual meeting. Dr. Ageev, General Manager of the Institute for Economic Strategies, President of the Russian Division at International League of Strategic Management, Assessment and Accounting, Professor, D.Sc. (Economics), bachelor of theology, seems a perfect leader, who will be able to give an impact for the growth with his great energy and focus.

Association of Orthodox Business Leaders General Secretary is Mr. Paul A. Shashkin Ph.D. (Philosophy), Executive Secretary of The Patriarch Economy Council.

Alexander Ageev and Paul Shashkin took part in Global Russia Business Meeting 2010.

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